Manage traffic sources

In the “Manage traffic source” section you can see the list of previously created traffic sources. There is a statistical data on each traffic source presented in the table. You can sort on all these columns.

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To set up the table according to your preferences, press the “Customize table” button and the section for the table customization will appear. You can select the currency to be displayed in the financial metrics, and set up the necessary columns to be displayed in the table. After you finish customization, press the “Apply” button. Please note that all setting will be saved. To refresh the table, press “Refresh”.

There is a “Filter” button available in each column near the title. It allows the choice of values that you want to display or hide in the table. Mark checkboxes of the ones you want to leave visible and press “Apply”. There is also a search bar available for the values.

If to press the “Export” button, the table will be saved in the .csv file format and the upload process will begin.

The bottom line of the table is called the “Total”. There you will see the total value of all data in the column.

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In order to find the necessary campaign quickly you can use filters: point ID or part of the traffic source’s name. Also, you can apply the “Time zone” and “Period” filters for statistics display. To use these filters, press the “Apply” button. Please note that all settings will be saved.

When you find the necessary traffic source, you can do the following actions with it: view statistics, edit, and archive it.

Note that the actions can be done in two ways: click the left mouse button on the line with a traffic source and then click on the needed action above the table, or click the right mouse button on a traffic source and select the needed action from the context menu.

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By pressing “View statistics”, you will be redirected to the “Global report” section of the selected traffic source.

By pressing “Edit”, you’ll be redirected to the “Edit traffic source” section that is similar to the creating section. On this page you can change the settings of previously created traffic sources.

When pressing “Copy”, the exact copy of your traffic source will be created, but it will have a different ID and the word “copy” will be added to its name.

When pressing “Move to archive”, you archive this traffic source. It will be removed from the list of your traffic sources in the “Manage traffic sources” section and moved to archive.

If you want to find archived traffic sources, press “Archive” button in the upper right corner. The pop-up window with the list of archived traffic sources will appear.

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Use filters to simplify the search. You can view statistics of the archived traffic sources by clicking the “View statistics” button.

You can restore archived traffic sources. To do this, click on traffic sources you want to restore with the left button of a mouse and press “Restore”. All the selected traffic sources will be restored and moved back to the list of traffic sources in the “Manage traffic sources” section.

Please note:

  1. You can’t edit archived traffic sources. To do this, you have to restore them first.
  2. You can’t use archived traffic sources in your campaigns. But you can view the statistics of archived traffic source in the “Global report” section.

In the “Number of campaigns” column you can view the information about the numbers of campaigns that use this traffic source. By clicking on the number in the corresponding column, you open the window with a list of campaigns. By clicking on the name of any campaign, you will be redirected to the “Edit campaign” section.

If you want to create a new traffic source, press the “Create traffic source” button in the upper right corner or choose an appropriate option in the menu on the left panel.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each page, read our FAQ or contact our support team.