Create traffic source

In this section you can create new Traffic sources. The Traffic source is a previously created set of tokens which you can use in your campaigns. Once you’ve created traffic sources, when creating campaign in the tab “General info” you don’t need to fill in tokens manually. Just select traffic source from the drop-down list.

What are tokens for? All tokens that you use in the traffic source are for creating unique URLs for your campaigns and to pass parameters from the traffic source to AdsBridge or to the target site.

There are two options to create a new traffic source: use the predefined traffic source templates or create one manually.

If you want to use the traffic source templates provided by our system, click the “Traffic source templates” button. A pop-up window will appear form which you can choose the template of the needed traffic source and mark the required parameters. Then press “Save”. After that, the traffic source name, postback URL, tracking id, cost parameter and tokens of the selected traffic source will be automatically pasted into the corresponding fields.

Create traffic source_1

Currently there are templates of such traffic sources available on AdsBridge:
50onRed Intext
50onRed Pops
50onRed Search
Google Adwords

Please note that some sources do not support the transfer of cost parameter, so the field “Cost” might be empty. After you’ve downloaded the template, you can manually edit it. When you’re done, click “Save”.

The second way is to add all the parameters manually. To start with, enter the traffic source name and then fill in all the required parameters. The logic of all tokens’ configuration and performance is the following:

Create traffic source_2

There are two fileds for each token: “Name” and “Value”. In the “Name” field enter the name of the parameter as you want it to appear in your campaign’s URL. For example, if I enter “country” in the filed “Name”, this parameter will be added to the campaign’s URL, and the link will look like:…?country=………

In the “Value” field enter macros, taken from your Traffic source in order to pass different values. Macros work as follows: when the user clicks on your campaign’s URL, he’s being redirected from the traffic source to your campaing at AdsBridge. At the moment of redirection these macros are being substituted by the traffic source with the corresponding values in order to pass them to your tracker or to the target site.

Create traffic source_3

For example, if you use Exoclick, and want to pass the name of country your traffic is coming from, enter the macros {country} in the “Value” field, so your campaign’s URL will look like:


At the moment of redirection, if your traffic, for example, is coming from UK, the value {country} will be substituted to UK, so your link will look like:


Please, note: all traffic sources have different macros, find out from your traffic source’s documentration or support which macros to use.

If you want your affiliate network to get parameters, passed from the traffic source, then setting up of tokens is different. For example, if you use the Cake platform, you should do the following:

– in the “Name” field you should enter the name of affiliate network’s parameter that can receive the value you want to pass(for example s2, s3, s4);

– in the “Value” field enter the macro of the traffic source that passes the needed value(for example [country], [device], [os]).

Next to the fields “Name” and “Value” you can see the drop-down list in which you can choose the token type: primary or additional.

Create traffic source_4

Primary tokens are values you need to track and deliver to the AdsBridge system from your traffic source. These parameters will be displayed in the statistics section. Additional tokens are values that will be taken from the traffic source to transfer them to the target site. These parameters will not be logged by AdsBridge, they will only be transferred to the offer. You can use up to 6 primary tokens and as much additional tokens as your campaign requires.

Let’s take a closer look on parameters that differs from other tokens:

Create traffic source_5

Postback URL – paste the S2S postback URL taken from the traffic source, in order to pass conversions from AdsBridge to the Traffic source. This URL will be automatically transferred to the “S2S postback URL” field on the 3-rt step of campaigns creating(“3-rd party pixel” tab).

Tracking ID – this is traffic source’s parameter that passes the unique click ID of the traffic source. This parameter is required, if you want to pass conversions from AdsBridge to the trafifc source(using 3-rd party pixel). This parameter will be automatically transferred to the “Tracking token” field on the 3-rd step of campaigns creating.

Cost – traffic source’s parameter that passes the cost of click on the traffic source(cost per visit of AdsBridge campaign). The value of this parameter, received from the traffic source will be used to calculate your spend on this campaign. If your traffic source doesn’t support the transfer of cost parameter, you can enter cost per visit manually on the 1-st step of campaigns creating.

You can also find an example of campaign’s URL at the bottom of your web-page. This is just an example of how your campaign’s URL will look like. You can find your final campaign’s URL on the 1-st and the 3-rd step of your campaigns creating or in the “Manage campaigns” section.

Click “Save” button to finish the traffic source’s creation.