Traffic Sources

1. Create Traffic Source

In this section you can create Traffic sources. Traffic source is a previously created set of tokens which you can use in your campaigns. Once you’ve created traffic source, when creating campaign in the tab “General info” you don’t need to fill in tokens manually. Just select traffic source from the drop-down list.

To create traffic source, go to the Create traffic source section on the left-side panel. There are two options to create the new traffic source.
The first one is to use the predefined traffic sources. It makes your job much easier, because it already includes all the needed parameters.


For now we have the following traffic sources:
50onRed Intext
50onRed Pops
50onRed Search
Google Adwords
Star Advertising


Please, click the Traffic source templates button to choose the traffic source. In the pop-up window you can easily tick the parameters, that you want to pass, and press Save. In this case such parameters, as Traffic source name, Postback URL, Tracking id, Cost and Tokens will be filled in automatically.


Please note that some sources require you to edit the postback URL if you want to take advantage of conversion tracking, as well as some of them do not support transfer of cost parameter.

The second way is to add all the parameters manually. Please, start with the Traffic source name. Then you may enter the Postback URL if you want to post conversions to your traffic source, Tracking id and Cost in case your traffic source can pass a cost of click/visit.
Enter the Token name in the Name field, or check the “Set Default” box to set the default name of the Token. The Token value is set to static by default. Check the “Use dynamic value” box, if you want to get parameters from your traffic source. For example, if you want to know which country your campaign traffic is coming from, set up the Token Name “Country” and set the dynamic value.


If you know for sure that traffic goes from the UK, leave the static value “UK” in the Value field.
The same rule works with other parameters. If you need to deliver the exact parameter, just set the static value.
You can use up to 6 Primary Tokens and as many Additional Tokens as you need. Сlick the Add Token in the required field and choose Primary token or Additional token option in the drop-down box.You will be able to see statistics based upon Primary tokens in the Statistics menu.
You can also find An example of campaign URL in the bottom of your web-page. An example of campaign URL is not a final URL of the campaign. The final campaign URL can be found only in the create (manage) campaign menu.
Click Save button to save all the changes.

2. Manage Traffic Source

Manage traffic sources menu includes all Traffic sources, that you have already saved in your account.

Note that sorting is applied within every column of the table: ID, Traffic source name and Number of campaigns.
The last column allows to copy, edit and delete the traffic source.


If you click on the Edit action of the traffic source, you will be redirected to the page with its detailed information, that will be available to manage.
When you choose Copy from the list, your traffic source will be copied with all the tokens, tracking id, cost and other parameters, but with the different ID with the “copy” name addition to the traffic source’s name.
Choosing Delete you will remove the traffic source from AdsBridge.

Number of campaigns column gives you an information about the number of campaigns, that are using the traffic source. By clicking the number in the corresponding column you call for the pop-up window, where the ID’s and campaign’s names that are using this traffic source will be available.
If you want to edit any campaign in the pop-up window, you are free to click on the Edit icon in in the Actions column. In this case you’ll be redirected to the 1st step of setting your campaign out of three, similar to those of creating campaigns.


In case you would like to create a new trafffic source, please click on the Create traffic source button in the upper right corner or choose an appropriate option in the AdsBridge main menu.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support service.