Global report

In the section “Global report” you can view the information you are interested in on how your traffics sources, campaigns, offers, and landers work, and also, view the detailed report on different parameters.
To view statistics on a needed item, open the corresponding tab: Total, Campaigns, Traffic Sources, Affiliate Networks, Offers, Landing Pages. All tabs work the same way.

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In the “Filter” section you need to:
Select the item (or items) for which you want to view the statistics.
For example, to select the needed item(s) in the Campaigns tab, use “Group”, “Campaign” and “Path” filters.

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Note that filters are linked and applied from largest to smallest (where the group is the largest and the path is the smallest). If you choose, for example, the group and campaign, and then want to change the group, the list of campaigns will be changed accordingly, so you will need to choose a campaign again, but from the list of available campaigns for the selected group.

Select the time step from the drop-down “Filter by” list, according to which the data will be displayed. You can group data by such time intervals: total, year, month, week, day, hour.

3. Select the time zone to view statistics in the chosen time zone. To be able to compare statistics correctly, make sure that the data on AdsBridge traffic source and on your affiliate networks are shown in the same time zone.

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4. Specify the period for which you want to view statistics. You can use the predefined periods (today, yesterday, this week, last 7 days, last week, this month, last 30 days, last month), or specify the period yourself choosing the start date and the end date.

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To set up the table according to your preferences, press the “Customize table” button and the section for the table customization will appear. You can select the currency to be displayed in the financial metrics, and set up the necessary columns to be displayed in the table. The titles of the columns are broken down into groups. After you finish customization, press the “Apply” or “Download” button. Please note that when pressing “Download” the report will start saving without displaying data on the screen. To refresh the table, press “Refresh”.

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Our reporting system allows you to group the data in any possible combination. Press the “Filter by” button at the left of the columns’ titles and in the list that appears, choose the data you want to see in the table. You can filter by one, several or all columns at a time. For your convenience, you can also sort the data. Click on the column title so that the data in the table is sorted in ascending order on the first click, or in descending order on the second click.

If to press the “Export” button, the table will be saved in the .csv file format and the upload process will begin.

The bottom line of the table is called the “Total”. There you will see the total value of all data in the column. In addition, each group has a line that shows the total by this group.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each page, read our FAQ or contact our support team.