Conversion report

In the Conversion report section you can find an information about all the committed conversions. This section works the same way as “Global report”.

Conversion report_1

First, in the “Set filtes” section you choose group/campaign/path, you want to view statistics for. Then you select timezone to have data reported to you in that time zone and choose the needed period.

Conversion report_2

In the “Check options” section check the columns you want to see in the resulting table. Most of the checkboxes are the same as in the “Statistics” section, so we won’t focus on them. Let’s review in details the checkboxes, specific to this section.

Postback time – the time when conversion took place. The actual time of conversion you can see on your affiliate network. Postback time is the time, when your affiliate network fired our tracking pixel. Often there are no significant difference between this two times, but in rare cases the disperancy might take place.

Time of click – the time of click, that has led to conversion.

Click ID – the unique parameter, returned to our system when the converion is being fired.

Payout – the value of payout for a specific conversion.

The remaining checkboxes allow you to get more detailed information about the user that converted.

Conversion report helps you to match the statistics with your affiliate network easily and effectively and find out the reason of the possible disperancy.

After you’ve selected the needed group/campaign/path, timezone and period and marked all the neccessary checkboxes, click “Apply”. Using filters, you can group your data as you like the same way, as in the “Global report” section.

Conversion report_3

Choosing currency and reseting filters works the same as in the “Global report” section. And you can also download the data to a CSV file in order to analyze it offline.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support service.