Create Offer

Enter the Create offer section to create a new offer. You will have to fill out mandatory fields such as “Vertical “, “Name” and the “URL” AdsBridge will deliver traffic to. Normally that would be the affiliate link generated in your affiliate network.

Create offer_1

Now let’s check out the optional fields below.

Create offer_2

Сhoose an affiliate network this offer belongs to.

Then choose group for your offer. You can add new group or select one from the drop-down list.

Campaign Tokens: with the Campaign Tokens option ON, each time the user clicks the target URL, the Tokens which you have specified in “General Info” for the current campaign will be attached to the URL.

Landing page Token: with the “Landing page Token” option ON, each time the user clicks the target URL, an additional token will be attached to the URL and will include the ID of the landing page the user has come from.

You can either enter the token name yourself, or use a default token name.

Check “Tracking Token” box to track conversions. The tracking token with the unique click ID generated by our system will be added to the end of your offer URL. The default name of the tracking token is tid. Change it manually to the name of the token from your affiliate network that can pass dynamic parameters. The unique click ID will be passed to your network in this parameter. If your network uses CAKE platform, place s2 (s3, s4, s5) in the field. If it uses HasOffers, place aff_sub2 (aff_sub3, aff_sub4, aff_sub5). If your network uses a custom platform, ask your AM for the token.

Create offer_3

Еnter the value of Payout and choose the currency. For calculating your financial results we will use the dynamic value of payout in “amt=” parameter, returned from the target site. But if this value will not be returned, we will use the value from field “Payout”.

If needed, you can add a daily cap on converions for the offer. When the cap is reached, the user will be redirected to another offer which you’ve specified.

To setup the daily cap, you’ll have to:

Enter the value of daily cap. After that the drop-down list will appear.

In the drop-down list choose the redirect offer to which the user will be sent if the daily cap is reached.

Let’s move on. Below you can see “Tags” section. Setting up tags is not mandatory, so you can skip it.

Use tags to organize your offers. You can add such tags as country, traffic type, connection type, carrier, OS. To set up tags, first select either “is equal to” or “is not equal to” parameter. Then choose the appropriate tags from the drop-down list or mark the corresponding checkboxes.

By default, the offer will receive tags “All” for each category.

With AdsBridge you can also add offers from your partner’s platforms. To do this, you’ll have to assign your AdsBridge account with the account of your partner’s platform in the “Create/Edit affiliate netowork” section (for the detailed information visit “Create affiliate network” section).

If you’ve already assigned your partner’s platform account and want to add platform’s offer to AdsBridge, you’ll have to do the following: switch radiobutton to “Select assign account’s offer”.

Create offer_4

Then choose an integrated affiliate network and the needed assigned account.

Create offer_5

After that choose the needed offer in the field “Name” and the creative you want to add to AdsBridge. The offer’s URL and payout will be automatically pasted to the corresponding field and you will see all information about your offers the same as it is on your partner’s platform.

Create offer_6

After you fill in all fields, click the “Save” button. Your offer will be saved, and you will be redirected to the Manage offers section.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support service.