Manage Leads

The “Manage leads” section allows you to see all leads that took place in all your campaigns. You can arrange all data by Campaign, Language, Country, and Period.

Управление кампаниями_1

To set up the table according to your preferences, press the “Customize table” button. AdsBridge offers you to choose to display data provided by the user through lead. In particular, this is the data defined by the system, such as: Date, Campaign, Landing Page, Vertical, Language, Country, ZIP. Also, it can be data provided by the user, namely: Username, First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Phone Number, Age, Date of birth, Country, State, ZIP code. After you finish customization, press the “Apply” button. To refresh the table, press “Refresh”.

Note that not all data provided by the user may be obtained during the campaign. It depends on what kind of data the user has provided on the target site. AdsBridge receives and sends you all data submitted by the user on the target site.

There is a “Filter” button available in each column near the title. It allows the choice of values that you want to display or hide in the table. Mark checkboxes of the ones you want to leave visible and press “Apply”. There is also a search bar available for the values.

If to press the “Export” button, the table will be saved in the .csv file format and the upload process will begin.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each page, read our FAQ or contact our support team.