Create a landing page

If you want to use landing pages, you’ll have to create them first and then add them to your campaign.

You can create a landing page by yourself, using our landing page builder, choose any from the sample templates or use previously created self-hosted landing page.

Сreate landing page_1

So make your choice first. To create a landing page (or LP, for short) yourself please select the “Start with a blank page” option. If you would like to use a template and edit it a later time, select the option labeled “Choose from existing templates”. Accordingly, if you want to add your own self-hosted landing page to your campaign, select the option “Use self-hosted landing page”. When you’re done, confirm your choice and click “Continue” to proceed.

Let’s review each option in detail:

If you choose the “Start with a blank page” option, you will need to specify the following parameters for your landing page: Name, Language, Vertical, Traffic type (web or mobile), and Еditor. For the last of these, please choose either the Visual or HTML editor. Please note that you will only be able to edit the page using the editor that you created it in.

Сreate landing page_2

All the fields named above are mandatory for filling out.

If you want your users to be redirected to different offers from different buttons of your landing page, switch-off “Multi-offer” function and in the appeared field enter the number of offers your landing page displays.

Сreate landing page_3

To continue creating your landing page click “Continue” and enter the landing page editor where you can create your own landing using our tools.

NOTE: in the visual editor specify the sequence number of offer, on which the user will be redirected to from every button of your landing page, that uses “Multi-offer” function.

Сreate landing page_4

To do this, first press on the landing page button. Then on the right-side panel in the “Click action” section in the drop-down list named “Action” choose the offer’s sequence number(number of offers in this list is equal to the number you’ve entered in the corresponding field when creating this landing page).

Сreate landing page_5

If you use HTML editor, for every button of a multi-offer landing page use the URL with offers’ numbers at the end. For example, if your landing displays 3 offers, you’ll have to use URLs <a href=”#1/2/3″></a> with the corresponding number for each offer.

Later, when adding this landing page to your campaign, you will be able to select offer for each button of your landing.

For more detailed information on how to create landing page using our landing page builder visit “Visual edtior” and “HTML editor” sections of User guide.

After you are done please click the “Save” button and then “Close editor”.

If you select the option “Choose from existing templates” you will need to fill in the following mandatory fields: Name, Language, Vertical, Traffic type. If needed, you can switch on the “Multi-offer” function. To move on to the next step and select a template, click “Continue”.

Сreate landing page_6

For the next step you will be allowed to pick the template that you are going to use.

Сreate landing page_7

First you’ll see the templates that match the chosen traffic vertical and type. You can also access the templates of other verticals. In order to see them please modify the filter settings which are shown here.

You can view your template at any step of the editing process by clicking the “Preview” button. After you find an appropriate template, click “Use this” to start editing.”

The graphic editor will open, with the drag & drop option available for making necessary changes. The setting up of multi-offer template in the visual editor is exactly the same as for “Start with the blank page” option.

After you are done click “Save” then “Close editor”.

Сreate landing page_8

If you want to add your self-hosted landing page to the campaign, you’ll have to add it to your landing pages on AdsBridge first. To do this, choose the option “Use self-hosted landing page”. You will need to fill in the following mandatory fields: Name, Language, Vertical, Landing page URL, Traffic type. If needed, switch on the “Multi-offer” function.

Below this fields you can see the Call to action button(s) code. Click “Copy to clipboard” button to copy this code. Then add it to the call-to-action button(s) of your landing page to redirect users from the landing page to the required offer and to pass all the data to AdsBridge.

Please, note: if your landing uses “Multi-offer” button, place the following CTA code with the sequence number of the offer on the each button of your landing page:

<a href="javascript:void(0 )" onclick=" window.location.href.substr(window.location.href.lastIndexOf('aref=')+5) + '&multi_offer=1/2/3'), '_self');"> </a>

Thus, if your landing has 3 CTA buttons, the code for them will be the following:

– first button – <a href="javascript:void(0 )" onclick=" window.location.href.substr(window.location.href.lastIndexOf('aref=')+5) + '&multi_offer=1'), '_self');"> </a>

– second button – <a href="javascript:void(0 )" onclick=" window.location.href.substr(window.location.href.lastIndexOf('aref=')+5) + '&multi_offer=2'), '_self');"> </a>

– third button – <a href="javascript:void(0 )" onclick=" window.location.href.substr(window.location.href.lastIndexOf('aref=')+5) + '&multi_offer=3'), '_self');"> </a>

After you’re done, please click the “Continue” button to save landing page.

Please note: you won’t be able to change the number of offers or edit the multi-offer landing page using our editor, if this landing is used in at least one of your campaigns.

Adding multi-offer landings to campaign and setting them up differs from setting up regular landings. To add multioffer landing, on the second step of campaigns creating press “+Add landing page” button. In the appeared pop-up window choose the needed landing page. In the “Multi-offer” column you can see which landings use this function and the number of offers these landings display. Then press “Add&Close” and in the pop-up window confirm this action.

Сreate landing page_9

After that your landing will be added to the corresponding path. Below you can see buttons for adding offers. Number of offers to add is equal to the number of offers you’ve entered when creating this landing page. Choose offer for each of your landing’s button. Pay attention that you have to choose offer for EACH button, otherwise you won’t be able to save path.

Сreate landing page_10

Please, note some points, related to setting up of multioffer landing pages:

1. When using multioffer landing page, splitting of offers is not available. You can assign only one offer for each button.

2. You cannot split test multioffer landings with regular landing pages.

3. You can split multioffer landings with each other on condition that they display the equal number of offers.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support service.