Notification Logs

In the Notification Logs section you can see the Log, where the notifications about the occurance of the conditions that you specified at the 3rd step of your campaign’s creation (“Tracking & Notification”) are shown.
You can look through all the campaigns in the Log or choose the one from the list.
Click the “Apply” button after choosing the campaign for showing the campaign’s information.

Notification logs_1

Notifications log contains the following columns:

Notification logs_2
Date and Time – the date and time, when the notification rule has been activated/deactivated.

Campaign – ID and name of the campaign, in which the notification rule is set up.

Notification rule – name of the notification rule that has been logged in the Notification logs.

Alert value – the value of notification rule’s metrics for the chosen period, by which the compliance with the rule’s conditions is being verified.

Status – in this column you can see, whether the the rule is activated or deactivated. “Activated” means that the rule is being triggered, and you’ve been sent the notification about it. “Deactivated” means that the conditions of the rule are no longer met, and again you’ve been sent the notification, that the rule has been deactivated.
Please note: this column shows, whether the rule is satisfied(activated) or not(deactivated), but not the status of the rule, you’ve chosen on the 3-rd step of campaigns creation.
By comparing the date and time of the rule’s activation and deactivation, you can see how long the following rule is being met.

Period and Description – these are conditions and period, you’ve specified for a certain rule.

Actions – this column contains available actions.

Click the “Apply” button after choosing the campaign for showing the campaign’s information.

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