Automatic campaign optimization

Automatic campaign optimization setting

Brief description of the system:

– Automatic campaign optimization is a system of making decisions about the most efficient traffic distribution for the increase of EPV (Earnings per visit) for landings and EPC (Earnings per click) for offers.
– Optimization is performed on the basis of history data (the period of collected data analyzed is the last 10 steps).
– Automatic campaign optimization is connected to the path within a campaign. It is realized in such a way to perform optimization on the basis of live data received by this path.
– Landings (LP’s) are optimized independently from offers.
– Automatic campaign optimization is performed if a condition is fulfilled. Testing of the condition is done once every 30 minutes.

When automatic campaign optimization is activated


– add/delete LP’s/offers (new elements require specifying the testing percentage with which an element will enter the rotation and work before the first optimization);
– make LP’s/offers active/inactive;
– change the settings of automatic campaign optimization;
– view the optimization log;
– make a path inactive;
– move a path;
– delete a path;
– view the campaign statistics.


– change the split percents for the elements;
– add LP’s with active multi offers.

The example of activation and setting:

Step 1: Path creation
The optimal number of elements within rotation is 3-5 (3-5 LP’s and 3-5 offers).

Step 2: Activation and setting of automatic campaign optimization


When setting automatic campaign optimization it is possible to choose one of the three available options: optimization of LP’s, optimization of offers or simultaneous optimization of LP’s and offers. It is also possible to specify the condition on fulfillment of which the optimization will be activated: the amount of clicks, conversions or the time period, the combination of these showings can also be used specifying the logical association between them (AND/OR).


Step 3: The view of optimization log

After the first launch of optimization it is possible to view the journal of optimization, which is available for export in CSV format. It contains data, on the basis of which the decision about redistribution of percents between the active elements (LP’s/offers) was made.

Optimization logs

You must remember that:
– when activating automatic campaign optimization the current percents (set for the elements at the time of activation) are taken as initial ones;
– the current statistics by the path will differ from data in the optimization log (the latter stores data collected within the last 10 steps, on the basis of which the decision about the redistribution of percents was made);
– optimization is based on EPV and EPC rates (i.e. it is necessary to specify the right conversion sums in offers and configure the postback correctly);
– the minimal percent for each element is 1%;
– when adding a new element it is necessary to specify the initial percent for it, which will be charged proportionally from the elements, active at the time of addition;
– the system does not disable or delete LP’s/offers, this remains controlled by a user preferences;
– when changing an element’s status from active to inactive the percents are reset to 0 (null);
– when changing an element’s status from inactive to active this element is assigned a minimal percent (1%) without the possibility of its editing.