Create affiliate network

You can use offers from different affiliate networks in your campaigns . In order to group offers from different networks and to view the overall statistics of a certain network, you can add an affiliate network to your account and assign this network to desired offers. To do this, first press “Create affiliate network”.

You can create affiliate network by yourself or choose affiliate network that is integrated with AdsBridge. To create affiliate network by youself you’ll have to:

Сreate affiliate network_1

  • in the field “Affiliate network name” enter the name of your affiliate network.

–  check the box “Use the same tracking token for all offers” and in the appeared field enter the value of your affiliate network`s parameter that can pass dynamic values. Tick “Use the same tracking token in all offers” box. After that, when creating an offer and choosing this affiliate network, the parameter, you`ve entered in the “Tracking token” field for affiliate network will be pasted to the “Tracking token” field of the offer.

This feature is very useful for tracking conversions while using a global pixel for the whole account on the affiliate network. The same parameter is used to pass a unique click ID in all offers so that you can add this parameter in the global pixel and track conversions for all offers without any extra settings.

If you want to choose integrated affiliate network, press “Integrated affiliate network” button. In the appeared window you can see the list of affiliate networks, integrated with AdsBridge. Choose the needed affiliate network and press “Add”.

Сreate affiliate network_2

The affiliate network’s name will be automatically pasted to the corresponding field. Pay attention: you cannot change integrated affiliate network’s name.

Then you can add tracking token, that will be used in all offers of this affiliate network. After you’ve done click “Save”.

For integrated affiliate networks you can assign networks’ accounts to your account at AdsBridge. After that all the offers from your affiliate network’s account will become available in AdsBridge.

Сreate affiliate network_3

Press the “Assign account” button; a pop-up window will appear.

Сreate affiliate network_3.1

Choose your partner’s platform in the pop-up window; then enter your Login and Password for this platform; mark “I agree to assign my accounts” in the checkbox, and press the “Assign” button.

If you fill out all the fields correctly you will see the following pop-up message: “Congrats! Your affiliate network account has been successfully connected”. After that all the offers from your partner’s platform will be available in your AdsBridge account.

Сreate affiliate network_4

If the attempt to assign your account is unsuccessful you will see the forthcoming pop-up message: “Attempt to connect your accounts failed. Please check your information and try again.”

Сreate affiliate network_5


To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support team.