User menu

Move your cursor to the upper right corner. Here you can see the phone number of AdsBridge support. Next to it you can see three icons: short guide, FAQ and Blog. Short guide is a short tutorial on how to create a simple campaign step-by-step. Click on FAQ to be redirected to our support portal. Click “Blog” to visit our site blog.


Find the “Username” button in the upper right corner. Hover your mouse over it and you will see a drop-down menu with the following sections: Мy Account, Support, Feedback, User Guide, Subscriptions, Referral program and the Logout button.


In “My Account” – section you can view and edit your personal information. To start editing click the button “Edit my info”. Note that fields marked with “*” are mandatory.

You can upload a picture to your profile. Click “Browse”, select the file from your device, and then click “Open”. Your profile picture will be changed after you confirm the action by clicking the “Save” button.

To apply your changes click the “Save” button. Your info has now been updated!

If you don’t want to apply the changes click “Cancel”.

In “ My Subscriptions” section you can see information about your subscription type and you can change plan here.

The section is divided into four tabs: My plan, Change plan,Invoice and Purchase history.

“My plan” tab allows you to view in-depth information about your tariff plan. The left section contains the expiration date of your current plan, the visits volume used in this period, the visits limit, the number of extra visits, the charge for over limit and the total over limit cost. The “Visits” graph below shows the daily dynamics of your traffic.

The “Change plan” tab allows you to choose and move to the plan that answers your needs best. It contains the table illustrating the set of features available for each tariff plan so you can clearly view the difference between your current tariff plan and more advanced ones. When purchasing a paid subscription, Plan monthly/annually auto-renewal will be set on automatically. Please note, downgrade of your current Plan is avaliable only via support.

The “Invoice” tab allows you to view all invoices generated by our system. They include both the invoices for the new tariff plan (if you decide to change it) and the over limit invoices on your current plan. Please note that the over limit invoices are mandatory for payment to be made within 9 days. Otherwise your current plan will be suspended and your traffic will be blocked. As soon as the payment is successfully made, all the functions within your current tariff plan will be restarted. If you have an unpaid over limit invoice, you can move to another tariff plan, but the over limit cost must be paid for within the same period of 9 days.

On the “Referral program” you can see programm instructions and recieve usefull data.

It is consist of “General”, “Promo materials”, “Payout” and “Payout history” sections. On “General” section you have generated link for sharing. Going through your link and signing in in AdsBridge referral will be add to your referral statistics.

On “Payout” section you can watch your balance, available sum for payout and request payout on on your PayPal account. Please note, rewards will be paid only once your referral bonuses will cross the $100 threshold.

“Payout history” shows you list of all payouts from AdsBridge. Here you can watch date, PayPal account name using for payout, payout status and your balance after payout.

To get more detailed information or answers to the questions that may appear during the workflow, you can always use our hints, which are displayed on each of our pages, read our FAQ or contact our support service.